August 2003 - Best Women´s Clothing Store - City Paper

Cloud 9 Clothing - 827 W. 36th St., (410) 889-7300; Towson Town Center, 825 Dulaney Valley Road, Towson, (410) 583-0987; Can Company, 2400 Boston, St., (410) 534-4200

If you ever get to bring Sex and the City to our city, be sure to knock the four fashionistas down a serious financial notch and hit 36th Street. Or Towson Town Center. Or the Can Company (Cloud 9 is a chain with only three links). Carrie would get girl Dickies--Chickies--striped, minidressed, and cropped to wear with heels, along with some sexy shirt that shows off her bra. Miranda would find a lusciously colored Free People sweater for every cozy weekend of the year. Charlotte would satisfy her love affair with the halter dress and cover every double-booked date (we know that was a couple of seasons ago, but it was so uncharacteristic of Charlotte that it is hard to forget) with Cloud 9's selection of polka dots, paisley, and floral. And Samantha would accessorize her birthday suit with Buddha handbags, bohemian jewels, and trendy platforms she'll stop wearing the minute those babies are broken in. The bottom line is, if we can imagine the Big Apple Tarts shopping at Cloud 9, it must the best.

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